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About Our Workplace Wellness Programs

We’ve studied what makes leading companies thrive, and has noticed a commonality. If you look at the top 100 companies leading the nation, you’ll notice that they have something in common. They’re delivering an experience and culture that keeps their employees not only happy at work, but engaged and loving what they do! As your workplace wellness partners our goal isn’t to create a fitness program, our goal is to create a culture your employees love! We know that people work harder and live happier lives when they feel cared about, resulting in them falling in love with what they do. Sun Hire Health & Wellness are professional and polished corporate wellness providers who genuinely and passionately care about improving businesses by creating an exceptional employee experience. Whether it is through gym planning and consulting, corporate group fitness programming and fitness staffing, corporate exercise programs, nutritional coaching, wellness seminars, fitness events, healthy catering and cooking lessons, Sun Hire Wellness is happy to accommodate any business.

What You Can Expect

We are experienced and reputable workplace wellness providers that take the health of your workplace seriously. That is why at Sun Hire Wellness, you can expect nothing short of excellent and professional support. Save money, reduce liability risks, boost office moral, and give your staff a reason to look forward to being at work by creating the ultimate culture of wellness! Through our wellness seminars, fitness programming and staffing, group fitness classes, nutritional education, healthy catering and cooking lessons, our caring experts assist everyone along the way. From our fitness plans to our customer service, Sun Hire will not just meet your expectations, but we will exceed them.

Why Your Employees Will Love Us

When it comes to wellness, Sun Hire Wellness is your number one advocate and cheerleader. Our programs are designed to boost productivity and reduce absenteeism in the workplace. We have an easy and effective system that keeps employees engaged and excited about the program. Whatever the needs of your employees are, they will love the encouraging, passionate, and helpful culture of Sun Hire Wellness.

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If you would like to talk to Sun Hire about one of our workplace wellness programs, please do not hesitate to reach out. For more information about how we can assist the wellness needs of your corporation, you can submit a contact form on our website. You can also give us a ring by calling (954) 657-8945.