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Workplace Wellness: More than a fitness program

Hi All, today I wanted to discuss a very important topic regarding workplace wellness programs, and that’s the mis-guided belief that your workplace wellness program is nothing more than a fitness program.

Workplace wellness programs encompassing fitness and nutrition utilize these three other components to create a strong, effective program that creates a positive team and company culture:

-Effective Leadership on the middle-management level: Effective leadership on the middle-management level is crucial to the success of a program. At the end of the day, no matter what your role is within your company, you’re your own manager and you should feel empowered to be your own manager. Micro-management and ineffective communication strategies, along with a self-centered state of mind simply don’t build a thriving team. Learning about your team members and building off of their strengths, while giving generously to their positive behaviors, reinforces them that they’re on the right path and doing the right thing. A major pitfall to company success is a middle management who doesn’t recognize employee capabilities and successes in fear that the employees will be recognized for them. Successful teams build successful businesses and a successful manager will assign team members to carry out tasks to build their team’s strengths. Managers who take on entire workloads in fear of delegation simply can’t take their team’s to the next level. If you’re worried about what your team member’s capabilities are, talk to them. Learn about your team members and recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

Because I have an online bodybuilding team, plus an in-person business, I constantly have to learn about people and places. I have to learn about environments and how people operate within them. When something isn’t working I have to dig deeper and uncover the source. If your team member’s aren’t working, and you don’t have the time or capability to figure out why, simply observe their behaviors, listen with intent, and get to know them and their surroundings. Watch how their department’s operate, recognize the way they convey messages to you, verses others, watch their tone of voice and facial expressions in conversions and pay attention to their behaviors. As a coach, I’m constantly analyzing environments and people mechanisms. My goal is always to build strength and building strength requires understanding details within a person, place, and system. When you recognize the problem, focus on building a solution. Don’t go it alone, build your team!! If your team isn’t willing to learn and grow and you’ve spent time trying to find solutions, they probably aren’t the right team for your business and as a manager, it’s your responsibility to build a strong, thriving team. If you’ve tried everything, it’s time to recruit a new team and fire those who aren’t serving the success of your purpose.

-Understanding and Compassion towards employees on all levels: A key driver that strong leaders utilize, is compassion towards their team’s members. Finding out what your team is passionate about, recognizing their strengths, and giving them reasons to build those strengths, creates a team that doesn’t want to leave and pursue other ventures. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to build your team, recognize their strengths, and show compassion when they face roadblocks and hardships.

-An all-encompassing approach that utilizes proper management best practices and employee recognition: Recognition comes in many forms, acknowledge successes within your team and point out your team members who are being successful!! Celebrate YOUR TEAM’s SUCCESS!!! If your team doesn’t have success, get to the bottom of it!! Find out the root cause and fix it!! If you still don’t have success, look within! Look at your processes, communications, behaviors. Figure out what’s preventing your team from succeeding and solve the problem. If your team still isn’t performing effectively, you probably have the wrong team.

Finally, effective leaders lead by example. Show your team how to be effective leaders through proper communication, compassion and recognition. They will become more productive, enjoy their job’s, and work harder towards your mission.

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