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Workplace Wellness: Effective Leadership Tips

Hi All, today I wanted to discuss the most crucial aspect to your workplaces overall wellness, and that’s communication.  As a manager, you’re your team’s leader, and you must educate your team on the “bigger picture” and avoiding gossip, and unnecessary behaviors that take away from the purpose of your team.

Regardless of department, your company has a purpose and your company’s core values should be the focus for your team. If your team is living by company core values, the “threat” and “jealousy” factors that encompass the “gossip factor”, go out the window.

Organize your projects and conduct them in a success-driven factor, encourage your team to talk to you about issues they’re facing and crush gossip and other obstacles that derail your team’s focus, right in their tracks! When you focus all of your efforts towards a common vision and purpose, team members who don’t agree with your purpose will leave your team, making room for the right team members to eventually join in.

The bottom line here is simple: Lead by example, set your team’s focus on the bigger picture, and create an environment that fosters open communication. Let your team know that they can talk to you and that you’re focused on the bigger picture. Let them know that you want to resolve issues and watch them thrive. A strong leader understands how to overcome all obstacles and create a team that is focused, happy, and determined to succeed!!!

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