Savannah Crayon Bikini Competitor

About Our Founder, Savannah Crayon


How It All Started

Sun Hire began with owner and CEO Savannah Crayon and her love and passion for helping people improve their lives through wellness. Savannah utilized fitness and nutrition to change her life, and as her reputation grew in as a personal trainer and nutritionist she realized her passion for changing entire communities and businesses through wellness programming. Savannah spent her life immersed in the health and fitness industry. She competed throughout the nation in the NPC and IFBB, winning numerous overall and top 5 bodybuilding awards, while training clients in person throughout her community and online, nationwide. From this she built a strong reputation in communities and businesses throughout south Florida, which gave her the foundation she needed to pursue her purpose while bringing light to so many through her brands services. Savannah’s dedication to healthy living has helped her earn the following professional credentials:

  • 2018 Forbes Under 30 Global Summit Nominee
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NHSA Nutritional Therapist
  • IFBB Professional Athlete

These professional titles, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping others, have fronted the beginning of Sun Hire, a premier wellness provider and fitness center management company.


What We Offer

To serve as many clients as possible, Sun Hire provides both corporate and residential wellness programs. We provide proper nutrition and exercise programs to company employees and community residents. Each member of the Sun Hire team is experienced and qualified to fulfill the demand for custom fitness center management for gyms, spas, and more. Additionally, we offer healthy catering, cooking lessons and wellness lectures, seminars and events. Our colorful meals are as delicious as they are nutritional.

What Makes Us Different

With a deep desire to spread philanthropy, Savannah involves her Sun Hire teams, as well as her clients, in different fundraisers, charities, and humanity groups to give back to surrounding communities and reach as many people as possible through wellness, positivity, and generosity.


Call Now

Sun Hire Health & Wellness is a wellness provider that cares. We would love to hear from you! If you would like to get in touch with a Sun Hire Health & Wellness representative to discuss wellness programs and services for your corporation or community, please contact us at 954-657-8945 or email

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