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Shining the Light on our Sun Rays: Kassie Knur

Hi All, today I wanted to share one of our amazing Team Sun Rays bikini clients with you!! Kassie just placed top 5 in her recent competition, the Wisconsin Titan Open. Now we are focusing on building muscle and boosting her metabolism, before heading into another competition season. Here’s some insight on this fit chick:

Name: Kassie Knur

Residence: Sandwich Illinois!

Height: 5’11”

Weight: stage weight 150 lbs

Occupation: personal trainer, les mills instructor & margarita slanging waitress 🍹

Reason you signed up to Team Sun Rays: In the past I did 2 shows on my own but did not do well. I wanted to really dial it in and do well for my 3rd appearance! 💪🏻

Explain your competition history. I competed in my 1st show in 2014. I placed 2nd to last but just getting on stage was a major accomplishment for me. After I graduated high school my weight got out of control and I was 230 pounds by the end of 2012. Deciding to compete motivated me to work harder than ever to get back into fitness.

I competed next in 2016, on my own again. My goal was to beat my prior package. I feel I put on a little bit of muscle but still got 2nd to last as I was still not lean enough.

At my recent competition with Coach Savannah and Team Sun Rays I placed 2nd in Novice and 3rd in Open at the Wisconsin Titan Open. I brought my best package to date and have decided to keep working with Coach Savannah and Team Sun Rays throughout my building phase, then I’ll compete again later on in the year.

What got you into competing? I have always been into fitness. I was very over weight in elementary school & got teased a lot. I found sports and the gym when I was about 12 years old. I also became a vegetarian and focused on healthier eating. I found a love for how strong and happy I became & the confidence it brought me. By 15, I knew I wanted to be in the fitness world to help others find this same happiness. I decided to compete after going to a show that a friend was competing in. It was super motivating to see a normal person doing something like that. Before that experience I thought only rich or famous people could do it. Haha

How does having a coach help you achieve your goals? Having a coach takes the stress out of the “what if”s. On my own I’d always wonder if I was doing the right thing. “Am I eating too much/too little” “should I do more cardio or less” “what types of supplements should I be using” etc. I want to prove myself, be a good team mate & of course being held accountable helps keep me on track. Savannah also helps to answer any questions I might have & to help tweak things if they don’t feel right.

How do you stay motivated? Having many other fitness and goal oriented individuals around me definitely helps keep me motivated. I am super lucky to have several friends who also compete at my gym to lean on, especially being from a small town.

What is your favorite exercise, and why? My favorite exercise(s) are hip trusts, because I LOVE the burn. You KNOW they’re working. & also lateral raises. When you’re leaning out and can start to see all the muscles in your shoulders, it’s the best feeling!

What is your favorite healthy meal/recipe? I’m not much of a cook so I like something that’s already done. My favorite healthy snack is halo top! I’d eat ice cream all day if I could, so it’s nice to have an option that’s not going to kill your diet 😜

What does a day of eating look like?

Alwaysss Coffee with a premier protein before my workout.

Usually rice cakes with some protein peanut butter or hummus after.

Being vegetarian I eat A LOT of egg whites. I usually have 5-10 a day. I’ll have some veggies with them. My favorites are zucchini & broccoli. Some days I might throw in some fat free cheddar too.

Dinner is typically more egg whites, tofu, veggies, sweet potato, some quinoa if I’m feeling crazy.

I do like to make French toast with low calorie bread, and egg whites. I’ll add pumpkin spice for extra flavor. Then top with sugar free syrup. This is so good I still do it off of prep!

I’m a big fan of protein shakes if I feel I need something sweet too.

Snack wise, Greek yogurt with blue berries is always a winner, Almonds. Rice cakes. Protein bars. Occasionally diet root beer. Ugh. I love food. Haha 😝

What are your favorite quotes?

“I can. I will. I must”. I repeated this to myself too many times to count during my prep cardio.

What are your plans for the future? Finding balance in my off season. After both my previous shows I went totally crazy and gained back just about all the weight I lost. I really want to focus on reverse dieting correctly & working to build while my calories are higher. Also aiming to strengthen my metabolism after yo yo dieting so much in the past.

If you are a competitor/professional athlete where do you see yourself in your industry in the next 5 years? I’m unsure here. I’d like to keep competing, but in the next 5 years I’m also hoping to have some big life milestones done (buy a home, marriage, etc) so we will see! I’ll definitely be in the fitness world for life!

Kassie Knur Instagram: Trainer_kas

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