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How to get a promotion at work: Utilizing your team

Hi All, today I wanted to address a topic that really does define workplace wellness nowadays, and that’s your team. We all go to work at something and we all have to acquire skills and build strengths to gain recognition and hopefully get a promotion. As an entrepreneur, I’ve promoted myself many times (you’re probably wondering why…) and I’d like to explain the methods I used and how these methods apply to building your own team and gaining recognition, leading to promotions.

At work, we all want to get ahead, get to the next level, and do something amazing. As a coach, this ultimately means, building strong teams. For management, building effective teams is essential to getting promotions. When I started my business I was a bodybuilder and personal trainer, so the first things I did were, start a bodybuilding team and hire personal trainers. This resulted in giving myself the promotion from “personal trainer/nutritional therapist”, to “wellness coordinator”. I still was not comfortable being the “CEO” of my company, so I didn’t promote myself to that level off the bat. I had to build a strong team, first.

Building a strong team is essential to getting promoted. As a manager your job is to utilize your team’s strengths to create an environment that has strong communication skills and gets the job done.

Once I had my strong team in place, I had to focus on communication. I had to learn how to communicate effectively, overcome barriers, and learn different personality traits within my team members.

By understanding the most efficient ways of communicating with your team, and observing the details within the way they communicate with you, while learning what your team members are passionate about, you’ll create an actual “team” within your team.

Now that my strong team was communicating well, I asked effective and inquisitive questions to learn more about them, their goals, and who they are as people. I tried to speak their language and inquired about their personality traits by recognizing things I’d noticed about them and comparing those traits to the traits of others who had the opposite traits (not using names, of course). Their response would let me know if I was looking at them in the right way, or if they were looking at themselves in the right way. This helps me see what people’s intentions are and if they understand their own roles, or if the role was simply just given to them for some other reason.

Asking your team’s members questions will open doors to understanding where they belong within the business. Team members should be working where they will be the most passionate and beneficial to the organization and sometimes team members may begin to thrive in a different department or environment, recognize these things and address them or utilize them as needed.

Now that I had a good grip on the team’s personalities, strengths and weaknesses, it was time to build the processes. This meant, solidifying the plan, creating purpose, and of course, creating efficiency. I let the people do the work I used to do and I focused on the business: creating efficient systems, while perfecting my own leadership skills. This gave me the confidence to promote myself to the CEO of my company.

Once you’ve got the right system in place, focused purpose, and solidified the plan of execution, your strong team that communicates well should be running smoothly!! What you’ll notice when you focus your team on a strong purpose, is that those who aren’t willing to pursue the purpose or core focus of your mission, will leave. When this happens you have to be thankful that they’re no longer slowing your team down.

Finally, and most importantly, if you want a promotion at work and you’ve solidified the above processes, you MUST build your team’s strengths. Your team members should all feel like the managers of their jobs and their tasks. They should feel empowered to pursue the tasks at hand and excited to be given the tasks to pursue. Ensure that your team members can take on your role when you get promoted by building them and getting them the recognition they deserve for a job well done. Ensure that your team is winning, if you want to win. Effective leaders never fail to recognize talent and utilize people’s strengths. When your team is strong they will work hard at winning, and as the manager of your team, your team’s wins should make you feel like a winner. If they don’t, you’re probably not suited to manage a team in the first place.

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