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Snacking Healthy at Work is Easier than you Think!

Eating healthy in the workplace seems to be a daunting task. With all the quick junk food options on speed dial, the workplace has been flooded by vending machine snacks, pizza deliveries, and don’t forget the donuts, brownies, cakes, and sodas galore! The workplace has developed into a junk food haven!

We all know the downfalls of improper eating, so instead of giving you the rundown, here are some reasons why you should eat healthy:

Increased energy levels 

Avoid that mid-day slump by eating right throughout the day. We all know that heavy feeling that comes with over-eating. The body struggling to digest our fatty meal, spiking our blood sugar and creating that “carb coma” that dampers the mind and decreases productivity. Replacing heavy meals with healthy meals and snacks will help keep your energy level throughout the day by avoiding blood sugar pitfalls.

Better Mood

It goes without saying that when your energy is up, your mood is, too! Did you know that your mood is strongly related to your diet and eating a natural diet actually improves your overall mood and outlook on life? Try eating all natural foods for one week and see for yourself!

Higher Self Esteem

Finally, when your energy is up, your mood is up, and you’re making the right choices for your body and mind, the result is improved self esteem. You’ll notice that one good habit leads to another, and another, so prepare for success and start by replacing one bad meal or snack with one good one. Here are some go-to’s:

  • Green salad with balsamic and grilled chicken breast
  • Quinoa, broccoli and sirloin Better Bowls
  • Pumpkin, dark chocolate protein balls
  • Antioxidant-rich Acaii smoothie bowls
  • Peanut butter raw protein bars

Interested in recipes? Stay tuned! We will have quick and easy recipes for all of these meals and more posted throughout the month!


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